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  • Me and My E-Type - A Jaguar Adventure

    Me and My E-Type - A Jaguar Adventure

    ***SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICE!***Me and My E-Type - A Jaguar Adventure   By Joseph V. Limongelli and Marcie A. Cipriani Foreword by Michael Quinn ***All sales are matched 100% as donations to - providing goods and services to...

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  • 2000 Cobra Brochure

    2000 Cobra Brochure

    2000 Cobra BrochureSize: 12 x 9"This 16 page promotional brochure was printed before the cancellation of the 2000 Cobra program.  It features technical information on the 2000 Cobra, the 2000 Cobra R, and the Mystic Gold special edition...

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  • Around the World in a Ford GT (almost)

    Around the World in a Ford GT (almost)

    FOR A LIMITED TIME:PURCHASE 'FORD GT - THE COMPLETE OWNERS EXPERIENCE'AND GET 50% OFF 'AROUND THE WORLD IN A FORD GT'!!! Just add both items to your cart and receive an automatic discount!           Around the World in...

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  • Ford GT  Supercar Portfolio

    Ford GT Supercar Portfolio

    An amazing piece of automotive memorabilia for any Ford fan! This is an 18 page hard cover book measuring 15.25" wide by 7.75" tall. This incredible book is packed full of Ford GT history, development and technical information and is complemented with...

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  • Fox-Body Mustang Recognition Guide

    Fox-Body Mustang Recognition Guide

    The first comprehensive Guide covering all aspects of the 3rd Generation Mustang family.Some highlights include: 288 pages printed in FULL COLOR Over 1,000 color and B&W photos, images and charts 18 chapters detailing each model year with...

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  • Marketing the Mustang: An American Icon

    An inside look at the design, development and marketing strategies behind America's favorite pony car. Including rarely seen footage from the Ford Media Archives.Featuring John M. Clor, author of Mustang Dynasty and Bob Fria, author of Mustang Genesis...

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  • SVTOA Quick Reference Guidebook 2013

    SVTOA Quick Reference Guidebook 2013

    2013 SVTOA Quick Reference Guidebook! This 48-page comprehensive guide covers each SVT vehicle, complete with technical specs and production information from 1993-2013!            Click on a sample above to view full...

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